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I am Jim

Hi fellow passenger; I’m Jim. My first bike was a 40cc Briggs and Stratton lawnmower with handlebars. That small toy piqued my fascination and engaged my attention. After destroying that toy, we began on a regular bicycle that isn’t a bike, but that was how we maintained it.
After a year of racing the ‘red rocket’ through wild, untamed deer paddocks, it eventually rested in flames. After that, we were gifted an emerald-green Suzuki street bike by a generous friend – but unfortunately, its fate ended up being much like that of its predecessor all too soon.

My brother’s desire for adventure led him to purchase an ’89 RM 125, and when the power band kicked in, I could feel the thrill of riding through our neighbor’s vineyard. Two years later, after faithfully working during my school holidays, I could finally buy a 1991 RM 80 at 14 – a moment that will stay with me forever.

After 21 years of riding, I’m living the dream every weekend – free-riding in sand dunes, conquering MX practice tracks like nobody’s business. Nothing could beat that feeling when you’ve got new jumps to try out! I can almost taste the cold beer while sitting back and watching all my friends having fun together…now that’d really be something special.

I want to share my decades of riding experience with other dirt bike enthusiasts! My site is the perfect destination for helpful tips, advice, and a great time. So hop on your bikes and take some lessons from Jim – he’s guaranteed to make it an unforgettable ride!

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