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How To Wire Lights On A Dirt Bike Without A Battery – Step By Step Guide

Wire Lights On A Dirt Bike Without A Battery

Are you searching for a way to adjust your dirt bike with a lighting battery? See no further; it will give you basic steps to wire lights on a dirt bike without a battery. We will give you a way that you can use to get the job safely and quickly.

What You Need To Know About Wiring Lights On Dirt Bikes Without A Battery

Dirt bike head lights

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Baja Designs is how to wire lights on a dirt bike without a battery. Fortunately, it is fairly simple. This article will give you the complete process of fitting lighting with your dirt bike.

First, let’s start with a quick overview of what you’ll need:

  • A set of our LED lights (we recommend the Squadron Sport or Pro models)
  • Wire (we recommend 14 gauge for most applications)
  • Connectors (we recommend butt connectors)
  • A switch (optional but recommended)

Let’s get started and learn the process of bike lighting.

  1. Start by mounting your lights in their desired location. Make sure to leave enough wire to route it to your switch and/or directly to your battery.
  2. Once your bike with lights is mounted, you can start the wiring of the light. If you make use of the switch, install it in the proper place. Then, run your wire from the switch to your lights.
  3. If you’re not using a switch, run your wire from your battery directly to your lights.
  4. If necessary, use butt connectors to splice into your existing headlight wire harness. This will make for a clean and professional installation. Otherwise, route your wire directly to where it needs to go.

Step By Step Guide On Wiring Lights On A Dirt Bike Without A Battery

First, get the following supplies:

  • Electrical tape
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • A length of insulated wire (gauge will depend on your application)
  • 2 terminal connectors (ring or spade type)
  • A switch (optional)

Once you have all of your materials,  get the guidance of the following steps:

  • Cut your wire to the desired length. If you select the light switch option, leave enough wife to have a good connection.
  • Strip about ½ inch of insulation off each wire’s end. This will expose the bare metal conductor inside.
  • When utilizing the switch, ensure to connect the wire from one end to the other. Then, connect the terminal of the wire terminals for the light fixture.
  • Finally, use electrical tape or another suitable method to insulate exposed wires and terminals. This will prevent accidental shorts and help protect your lights from weather and debris.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wiring Lights On a Dirt Bike Without A Battery

Tail light on a bike

Wiring lights on a dirt bike without a battery has advantages and disadvantages. One benefit is that it eliminates the battery need,  saving both weight and money.

However, the drawback is that it will be tough to wire within lights without a battery. In case of any fitting incorrectly, it could damage your electrical system.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Wiring Lights On a Dirt Bike Without A Battery

For wiring dirt bike lights, follow these steps. First, if you fit a light without a battery, it will light when the engine runs. If you plan to use light for a specific time, your engine must work continuously. You also learn about the consumption of electricity for your light.

If they’re drawing too much current, they could cause the engine to stall. Finally, getting a backup to light the bike in an emergency is better. A flashlight or other light source can help ensure you can still see while riding.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wiring Lights On a Dirt Bike Without A Battery

One of the most common mistakes when wiring lights on a dirt bike without a battery is not using the proper size wire. Using the correct gauge wire is important so the lights will only consume a little electricity. Otherwise, it may lead to a voltage drop.

Another mistake is not using heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to protect the connections. This will help to prevent corrosion and ensure a long-lasting connection. Finally, route the wires away from moving parts or sharp edges to avoid damage.

Alternatives to Wiring Lights on

You can try different things to use a bike light without a battery. One option is to use a capacitor. It will store electric energy. In this way, you can power up bike lights for some time without a battery.

Another choice is a solar panel. This will provide power to your lights during the day, and you can then disconnect the solar panel at night.

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